Lingua Trabada
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I can help you communicating with your Spanish-speaking clients and ensuring your documents do not have any typographic or orthographic errors.


I want to help you effectively communicate to connect with your clients.

You want that client to understand you, but you cannot decide whether to delegate the task to somebody else, because you want it to sound like yourself. You cannot find the right words to say what you have in mind, and you feel that you are giving it more thoughts to all of this than to do your thing.

Do not worry. I can help you with your communication.

My name is Marta, and I am a translator, proofreader, and interpreter. My pleasure!

Why Lingua Trabada?

“I got tongue-tied, and it seems that I do not even know how to talk anymore.” I am sure you have heard it and that it has happened to you more than once. “Lingua trabada” is the Galician translation of tongue-tied. This feels like you have a thousand thoughts in your head, then you get mixed up, and you cannot speak anymore. That is why I knew it should be the name of my project. It is the limit to know you need somebody to help you out with the communication.

And that is exactly what I do.

It reminds me somehow an alarm you have snoozed several times, and that it is needed to pay attention to, so you can carry on.

So, what’s your game?

  • Translation and Interpreting, class 2011 – 2015.
  • Team coffee without sugar.
  • Millennial that borders gen Z.
  • Without plastic or stereotypes, please.
  • Always Costa da Morte (Coast of Death).

Making yourself understood is fine but knowing how to communicate effectively is what makes the difference.


Clear and honest communication establishes stronger working relationships.


Translation will be your best ally if you want to attract Spanish-speaking clients and you are looking for a fluent, natural and human written communication.

I have experience in touristic and general translations, and I am trained in audiovisual and social sciences translation .





Have you written a text and you need to make sure it does not have orthographic, typographic or punctuation errors? Proofreading will be your best friend. Proofreading will be your best friend.

Do you also want to make sure it sounds natural and that it fits the circumstances it was written for? Without any doubt, a stylistic editing will be your soul sister.




You have a meeting with your Spanish-speaking client, and you need to make sure both parties understand everything. You know you cannot have a Spanglish conversation. That is why and interpreter will be your best guide for the event.

I offer liaison and simultaneous interpreting services. The first one is offered face-to-face and through videoconference. The second one requires you have available the technical equipment.





Send me an email and let me know how I can help. Do not forget to attach a copy of the document.

I study your request, ask any possible doubts and send you a quote.

You confirm you accept the quote by paying half of the amount, and we schedule a deadline.

I email you the document, and you pay the remaining half.

If you are looking for interpreting services, drop me an email with all the event details.

I need help


If you need any further information about my services or how I can help you, please contact me through this form:


    I help you communicating as if your business depends on it.